Become a REALTOR®

REALTOR® EDUCATION is in-depth, and required on a continual basis to make sure you are protected, and well represented.

A REALTOR® has taken the extra steps to join the local board of REALTORS® and subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics. In other words, REALTORS® have to be fair to everyone in a deal because they answer to their peers.

Realtor® members are required to take 36 hours of continued education every three years before their license expires. Law update 8 hours, Ethics 4 hours, Electives 24 hours.

Get a License

Real Estate Salesperson License

We offer both classroom and online training and resources to help you get a real estate salesperson license.

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Real Estate Broker License

Our complete classroom Pre-Broker series provides you with the training you need to earn your broker's license.

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Renew Your License

Real estate licensees are required to complete 36 hours of continuing education (CE) credit with each renewal.

Check out our Course Calendar for courses offered across the state, or check with your local association for local educational opportunities.